Thursday, 27 May 2010

S.A.T.C fashion show

Soooo this is what I'm involved in tonight and an example of my multi ambition, coming to play. I'm both the designer of the posters for tonights event and a model in the fashion show itself. My hairs being done by Toni and Guy for free, so should be pretty good! Heck it gets my name out there again!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Whats in a name?

Well basically I thought I better explain mine, I'm what you could call very multi ambitious. In a previous life I was a lane and party host at a bowling alley.  Now I'm currently a children's carer who works weekends at a children's club with children of all different disabilities, which is soon to be more after uni has officially finished on a one to one basis. I'm a passionate graphic designer and have experience in working for clients and with them. But I'm also a part time model (profile can be found here,  *plug plug*l, I model for local photographers, have experience in catwalk and have been modelling for a sculptor completely in the nuddy. *laughs* I guess that means I'm pretty confident! Oh and if theres ever a chance of me becoming a professional voice over, I'll do that too!
All joking aside if any of these 'trades' become full-time, I will become devoted to which ever one it may be.